Voor personen die noch man noch vrouw geboren worden is het respect van hun fysieke integriteit heel belangrijk. Men mag hen niet dwingen als kind om man of vrouw te zijn, maar hen de keuze laten om zelf te beslissen. Bovendien moet er rekening gehouden worden met hun genderidentiteit, en zoals voor transgenders juridisch erkend worden. Zelf-identificatie is voor ons heel belangrijk, alsook meer aandacht voor psychosociale hulp.

Lees mijn tussenkomst uit de Raad van Europa over intersex hier:

Dear president,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It’s not a shame to be born intersex. It’s not a shame to develop different genitals or to have a patchwork of cells with XX-chromosomes and other cells with XY-chromosomes. It’s not a shame to grow up and notice that your sexual characteristics become more male or female during puberty, or even during adulthood.

It’s not a shame at all.

It is a shame, however, that parents are forced to choose for their children, at a young age, to have an operation to “fix” the problem and to make a girl or a boy when there is no health risk involved. Intersex people are physically healthy persons. Surgery is the first thing people usually think about, while the psychosocial help would be much more appreciated.

Human Rights Watch genuinely considers that “normalising” surgery at a too young age is a human rights violation. Minors should not undergo surgery that is not medically necessary. This is true for all kinds of surgery, but specifically for genital surgery, since the right to physical integrity is particularly violated.

We wait for so many decisions till the child is able to participate in the decision him- or herself, based on the right to self-determination and on the principle of free and informed consent, so why not wait to define the sex of a child?

Ladies and gentlemen,

I fully support this important report because it focuses on the right recommendations: self-identification is key and discrimination based on sex should be punished. Therefore, it seems important to me to adapt anti-discrimination laws in the Member States, to make sure discrimination against intersex people is stopped. I also believe it is really important that the Committee on Bioethics draws up guidelines for medical staff, to protect the physical integrity of minors and to grow respect for the principle of free and informed consent and self-identification.

This report helps us not to think in a binary way, but broaden our perspectives and see a continuum of many different genders. This continuum could be legally recognized, as already suggested by resolution 2048 of this assembly in 2015.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, it is unacceptable to accept the amendments which propose to take out references to this resolution from the current report.

Thank you.